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Reveille Enamelware Mugs — Now Shipping!

Jun 24th 2014


So, I made some mugs. 8 months of planning, design, and working with a manufacturer in Europe, and I’m finally enjoying coffee from my own, custom enamelware mug.

This all came to be in the spirit of getting up early and striking while the iron is hot. “R” stands for Reveille, which is that morning wake-up call by bugle in the military. Wide eyes, people!


I’m not any more of a morning person than the next guy, but as I get older and deeper into my career, I find more and more value in the early mornings. Being up before the phone starts ringing gives me an extra jump on the day which allows me to hammer out those things that are hard to find time for once things start rolling.

The mugs are handmade in Europe using age-old technology, and are built to last. They are safe for campfire, stovetop and the dishwasher. They’ve got a double hit of enamel on the lip and handle for added durability. They won’t let you down.

Plus, as you near the end of your drink, the person across from you can tell that you have transformed into someone who is slightly more awake.


So, I made some mugs. It’s been a long journey to get them in my hands, but couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. If you’d like a Reveille mug of your own, they are available in my shop.

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